Five Tips for FAB Winter Skin

5 Jan

Winter is here, and the cold air, harsh winds and freezing precipitation can leave your skin dry. Since African American skin tends to be on the dry side

anyway, it is important to take special care of it during this time of year. Here are some suggestions for FAB Girls to follow to ensure a healthy, glowing complexion this season:

Defend your skin with cute accessories. 

The weather outside might be frightful, but accessories are so delightful! Fend off harsh winds by wearing a stylish hat, and cover the lower half of your face with a fun scarf.  Keep your digits toasty with some warm gloves, and you will have taken the first step in keeping dry skin at bay.

Jazz up your outerwear with this sequined hat from Target.

Cool down the shower temp.

It’s tempting to want to take a hot shower or bath to warm up, but the hot water can be drying. Turn down the temperature on the tap, and instead warm up under a cozy blanket with a mug of hot cocoa .

Use hot water to make hot cocoa instead.

Lotion Up.
Most FAB Girls apply lotion to their skin each day, and it’s important not to skip this step in the winter. Be sure to apply a good moisturizing lotion on all of your skin after a bath or shower. It’s fine to use scented lotions to smell good, but start the moisturizing process with an unscented product from brands like Eucerin and Neutrogena. Look for those that have a built in sunscreen as well.

Find a product with built in sunscreen.

Protect your lips.

It’s also important to keep lips moisturized. Winter weather can lead to chapping, which in some cases can be painful! Keep a Chapstick or a pocket-sized, flavored tube of Vaseline in your pocket or backpack for touch ups.

Vaseline is a great lip moisturizer.

Raise your glass. 

Don’t skimp on drinking water in the winter. A way to keep skin hydrated from the inside is to drink plenty of fluids. So make a toast to being FAB everyday with water, juice, green tea….it’s up to you!

We would love to drink our water from these!




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