5 Healthy Snacks For FAB Girls

9 Jan

What is one of the first things FAB Girls do when they come home from school? Head straight to the fridge for a snack! And when you’re super hungry, you’re not thinking straight, which can cause you to make some unhealthy decisions!
Loading up on chips, candy and soda may sound good, but the temporary sugar high comes with a crash in energy later. (Not to mention possible unwanted weight gain!) Here is a slide show of 5 things FAB Girls can reach for after a long day of learning, that are both healthy and delicious!

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Apples: all an apple needs is a quick wash in the kitchen sink, and it’s ready! If you can wait a few minutes, jazz the snack up by cutting the apple into slices and spreading them with peanut butter. The pb will add protein, which can help give you the energy you need to study!

Popcorn: this high fiber snack provides the crunch of chips without the high salt content (if you’re careful!) There are all sorts of popcorn varieties in the grocery store, look for those with a high fiber and low sodium content!

Yogurt: an easy grab and go snack with many health benefits. Be careful of those that have sugary toppings that can be mixed in, and look for those with a low sugar content. Also try Greek yogurt, which is much more healthy than regular yogurt.

Peanut Butter: a spreadable treat that can be put on your apple slices or spread on whole grain bread for a quick sandwich.

Smoothies: a snack in a glass! There’s lots of  smoothie recipes on the internet, and that’s because there’s unlimited options to blend together! Smoothies are typically made with fruit and yogurt, so you can experiment with your favorite fruits to come up with a signature concoction!


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