January is National Mentoring Month

30 Jan

January is National Mentoring Month!

In our previous post titled ‘A FAB Girl’s Guide to a Great New Year’, we talked about being a leader. We want to develop a new generation of FAB Mentors!

How does one become a mentor, you ask? You could be ‘mentoring’ someone already and don’t even realize it. One definition of a mentor is a senior sponsor or supporter. To put it in FAB Terms, that means someone who is older than you that helps you do something. And that ‘something’ could be as specific as a school assignment, or as broad as how to make decisions in life. If you have younger siblings, chances are you have ‘mentored’ them in some way.

Perhaps you are in Girl Scouts and have worked with younger girls to earn badges. Or you’re a varsity cheerleader and worked with new squad members to help them get comfortable learning the routines and fitting in. That counts, too!

There are a lot of kids who could use someone older than them to help them with school, sports, or just tricky real life situations. A mentor could lend a listening ear or just spend time with them when their parents are busy. The National Mentoring Month website has a list of ways for you to get involved, either now or in the future.


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