FAB Women Making History: Ayanna Pressley

2 Feb
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In honor of Black History Month, we wanted to turn the spotlight on FAB Women and Girls who are making history. We wished one of our favorite FAB Role Models,  First Lady Michelle Obama, a happy birthday earlier this year, and we saw some FAB Actresses take home awards and make the cover of magazines because of their work on the big screen. We will take a post each day to introduce you to some other FAB Women who are changing the world for the better because of the important work they do.

You will meet women from different backgrounds and careers, and hopefully they will inspire you to be the FAB Woman you are meant to be!

We will start with a politician who is the first FAB Woman to be elected to Boston’s City Council.

Photo: Getty Images/Boston Globe

Meet Ayanna Pressley.

She has certainly had her share of obstacles to overcome. She grew up poor in Chicago, raised by her mother. Her drug addict father was in jail for most of her childhood. (He is clean now, and teaches at the college level). Her mom found a way to send her to private school, where she was voted most likely to become Mayor of Chicago.

She is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and was later sexually assaulted as a student at Boston University. (She is now known for her work on women’s issues, sexual education, and street violence.) During college, her mom became ill and Ms. Pressley dropped out to take care of her.

Even though she left school, she was able to obtain employment in politics, working for Senator John Kerry as a political aide. While she worked for him, she was recruited to run for Boston City Council, and in 2009 she became the first African American woman to serve in the council’s 101 year history.

Miss Pressley is an inspiration to us all, especially for those who have had to overcome some serious obstacles. We wish her much continued success in her career, and happiness in her life.

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