FAB Woman Making History: Tia Norfleet

6 Feb

Photo from TiaNorfleet34.com.

Meet Tia Norfleet.

Her need for speed may be genetic, as her father Bobby Norfleet was a race car driver. But his FAB daughter made history by becoming the first African American female licensed by NASCAR(National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing).

In addition to being a professional race car driver, Ms. Norfleet also spends time working with at-risk youth through mentoring with Step Up Georgia. She began her ‘Driven to Read’ program to teach kids the importance of reading. On her website, it says she makes 80 to 100 community appearances a year to help out different organizations any way she can. Now that’s FAB.

One Response to “FAB Woman Making History: Tia Norfleet”

  1. Ping Santopolo March 10, 2013 at 11:54 pm #

    Quite frankly it annoys me to read this stuff. I get irritated when I hear people saying “I would love to work in racing but you need to be rich”, or “I would love to work in racing but you have to have a degree”. The list goes on. It’s all nonsense. The people who told them that don’t work in racing. People in racing know that all sorts of people work in the industry and the only thing that stops you getting the job of your dreams is if you give up. Most people give up far too easily and normally after reading or listening to someone who knows less about it than they do!`

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