Get the FAB Look: Cymphonique Miller

7 Feb





FAB Girl and actress Cymphonique is the daughter of rapper Master P, and the sister of rapper/actor/Dancing With the Stars contestant Romeo Miller. She currently stars in Nickelodeon’s ‘How to Rock’, and her style screams music royalty!

We’ve searched for some pieces for FAB Girls who want to experiment with some of her looks. Happy shopping!

(from top left):

Glitter eye shadow from Urban Decay will get your eyes ready for a closeup.

Doc Marten boots are a staple of any rockers wardrobe.

Ruby Rox’s flirty lace print dress is available at JCPenny.

A gold sequined top from Forever 21 can be worn alone or under a leather jacket.

‘Frock Star’ salon strips from Sally Hansen creates the look of Hollywood manicure for a fraction of the cost.

A sequined mini skirt from Justice makes its own statement.

3 Responses to “Get the FAB Look: Cymphonique Miller”

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