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FAB,Girl! or Girl, Bye?: Beyonce’s Hippie Chic Look

29 Mar

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FAB Musician Beyonce was spotted on the streets of New York in this high end, hippie chic ensemble. Before the stans come out and bite my head off, I want you to know I love Beyonce! However, I think Solange does a better job with the whole high bohemian luxury style. But of course, this is not about me. What do you think?

FAB Beauty: Hot Pink Lips

28 Mar

I asked Keisha Ervin to do a guest beauty post for The Fab Girls because she always has really beautiful makeup looks on her Facebook page that are up-to-the-minute, like this hot pink lip. In addition to being a best selling author, she has her own blog, which features beauty, fashion and other fun stuff. Right now, she has a post about outline manicures that I am obsessed with! Continue to see what products she used to create this look, which would be a good look to keep in mind for prom.

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Star of The OMG Girlz Turns 16!

27 Mar

Zonnique, aka Star of The OMG Girlz, turned 16. What does a Sweet 16 party for the daughter of reality TV and rap royalty look like? Take the jump to find out!

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The Hunger Game’s Amandla Stemberg

27 Mar

The Hunger Games opened last weekend, and one of the main characters, Rue, was played by FAB Girl Amandla Stemberg. Read her interview with where she talks about being part of such a huge project, and the kinds of roles she would like to play in the future.

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Brother of The FAB: Trayvon Martin

27 Mar

It took some time to think about how exactly to honor Trayvon Martin on a blog that is intended for female and black young girls, that talks about fashion, celebrities, beauty, and other FAB women for this young generation to look up to. But every time I look at this haunting image of Trayvon, none of that seems important. All that matters is that I do say something. His eyes seem to be pleading with us, all of us, to make sure his life wasn’t taken in vain.

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FAB Music: ‘Black Gold’ by Esperanza Spalding ft. Algebra Blessett

22 Mar


Get into it.

The sweet video, the song lyrics, the beautiful and natural hair of the ladies, their stylish outfits….it’s too much!

I mean, Esperanza’s hair is epic.

Discuss in the comments if you feel so inclined.

Random FAB

21 Mar


JC Penny, to be honest, used to be a store I found very grandmotherly for years. Lately, though, they have gotten jazzy! I randomly saw these shoes the last time I was there. I moved the display around to match the bag! They have some cute shoes and bags in there, and have really changed the store around. Check them out!

FAB Face+Get the Fab Look: Beyonce

21 Mar

Leave it to Beyonce to make a simple ponytail and natural makeup utterly glamorous. This look is great for FAB girls like our other natural makeup look, because it enhances without overpowering. Continue for a few products and tools that will assist you in emulating this look.

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FAB, Girl! or Girl, Bye!?: Ciara’s Blond Hair

21 Mar

(Photo from

Without the caption from TheYBF, I wouldn’t have even known this was Ciara! She, like Rihanna, has gone totally blond with long windswept tresses. I’ve always thought she was a pretty girl, and I think she looks gorgeous. But this is about what you think. So, vote or share your thoughts in the comments!

Best Dressed: FAB Frocks for Spring Under $40

19 Mar

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love dresses. Now that the weather is warmer, I will be living in them! There is nothing more comfortable than a maxi dress and flip flops. It’s like a fancy night gown and house shoes. And I don’t want to hear anything about cheap Old Navy flip flops because I WILL be re-stocking the second the $1 sale starts!

Anyway, I have stumbled across some really cute dresses in magazines and on line I wanted to share, which you can continue on to see. Best of all, they are all under $40! Have you found some great dresses for spring, also? Share a link to your finds in the comments!

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