Park Bench Reading from Pat Tucker

15 Mar

It looks like the ‘Snow Day Reading’ category is over, because the temperature at FAB Girls headquarters is warm and spectacular! It’s perfect frolic-in-the-park weather, so if you have an eReader, down load this book and take it with you!

The premise of this book is so original and that’s what I loved the most about it. The characters in the book are all going to ‘Hollywood High’, a school where child actors go to become stars.You’ll watch them handle the stress of auditions, call backs and waiting to get roles in television and movies.

The main characters are fraternal twins Bella and Zoey, and Raymond Landou, Jr.

I really liked the plot twist with Raymond’s character. I did not see it coming, and I like when a story is able to suprise me that way. And what happens to Raymond is something that most of us would see as extremely good luck, but he is not able to see it that way right away. So it’s fun to watch him come to terms with his new good fortune.

Bella and Zoey’s storyline includes mean girls, learning disabilities, and delicate family dynamics that give us an inside look into what the emotional toll of stardom might really have on a family.

You may think you want to be a star, and that it’s all fancy cars and five star dishes. This book shows another side of Hollywood for those who are trying to make it. Reading about the kids at Hollwood High proves that everything that glitters isn’t gold, and it will leave you wondering what the lives of your favorite stars are really like.


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