Brother of The FAB: Trayvon Martin

27 Mar

It took some time to think about how exactly to honor Trayvon Martin on a blog that is intended for female and black young girls, that talks about fashion, celebrities, beauty, and other FAB women for this young generation to look up to. But every time I look at this haunting image of Trayvon, none of that seems important. All that matters is that I do say something. His eyes seem to be pleading with us, all of us, to make sure his life wasn’t taken in vain.

Protests are taking place across the country demanding Justice for Trayvon.

Yet at the same time, smear campaigns are popping up all over the internet, as if anything being said about this young man justifies his life being lost. To a grown man, who had placed almost 50 insignificant calls to 911 prior to this incident, and was told during the 911 he placed prior to approaching Trayvon that it wasn’t necessary to follow or approach him.

 He was told not to approach Trayvon. Obviously the 911 dispatcher felt that the scenario being described to him didn’t call for any intervention from law enforcement. That it was just a kid, walking home from the store, talking to a girlfriend on the phone, who just wanted to get home and eat his Skittles. And now he’s gone because one person decided he didn’t like how he looked.

I hope that Trayvon’s killer is brought to justice for that reason.

Rest in Peace, Trayvon.


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