Lala Anthony Shops at K-Mart

4 Apr

(Image from

While visiting one of my favorite sites,, I stumbled upon one of my favorite reality stars, Lala. She was wearing a dress from K-Mart that costs $17.50, which confirms my theory that she is as down to earth as she seems. Now she did pair it with a pair of Christian Louboutin sandals that cost enough to buy one of these dresses for 56 people ($995), but it’s still refreshing to see a star in a piece that we can all afford.

You can purchase it at, along with this:

An adorable, strapless, bohemian dress: (great for an outdoor graduation party with a wedge sandal and clutch)

This sassy  black and white number, (with a heel and black clutch for graduation)

And these super on trend, color block dresses by Sofia Vergara. (with a colorful  heel to celebrate graduation!)

Check out Kmart’s website, because there are lots of other fun, inexpensive options for summer. We love a deal at The Fab Girls!

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