Guest Beauty Post: Makeup for Glasses

6 Apr

My new blogger BFF is Seree at She came to visit The Fab Girls yesterday with lots of lovely compliments about the blog and she also subscribed! (And you should, too!)

Anyway, I was all up on her blog when I saw this delightful post/tutorial about makeup for glasses. My own little FAB Girl wears glasses and wants to make her eyes pop, and I figured other FAB Girls probably do, too. Hit the jump for the post Seree was kind enough to let me share with you!

I wear glasses everyday just because my inner hipster loves the feeling of looking cerebral and artsy. I used to wear contacts (and I’m in the process of getting them for the summer) because I feel that I can show off my makeup more with out glasses. Sometimes I feel like my frames hide my face so I get discouraged from applying makeup. But, recently I have gotten over this. Now, I just apply makeup that will flatter my face and my glasses. I still want contacts but for now I am just trying to make my makeup work with my frames.

This is how I achieved the look in the picture above:

1. Fill and shape eyebrows with a low pigmented dark brown pencil.

2. Darken eyebrows with a high pigmented dark brown pencil.

3. Line your eyebrows with concealer and blend outwards. (This will clean up your edges and make your eyebrows look crisp)

When wearing glasses the most important thing to do is to fill and shape eyebrows. It will help to frame your face better.

4. Apply a tinted moisturizer all over your face.

5. Apply a shimmering light brown almost brick-like color to your eyelids.

6. Line your lash line with a black eye pencil.

7. Apply mascara.

8. Apply concealer under your eyes.

9. Apply a pressed powder all over you face.

10. Apply a rose color blush to the apples of your cheeks.

11. Apply a light pink lipstick and then a light pink lip gloss on top.

Finally, put on your glasses and pose!

2 Responses to “Guest Beauty Post: Makeup for Glasses”

  1. awkwardcelebrity April 6, 2012 at 6:09 pm #

    thanks for having me as a guest blogger!

  2. The Dolly Blogger April 6, 2012 at 7:41 pm #

    I love glasses!

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