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Oprah Writes Herself A Letter, And You Should, Too

4 Apr

In the April issue of ‘O’ magazine, Oprah writes a letter to her 19-year-old self. It’s more like a love letter in which she is telling herself to keep her eye on the prize:

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FAB Foodie: Chef Danielle Sanders

19 Mar

It’s still Women’s History Month! The Fab Girls didn’t exist when Chef  Danielle Sanders became the first FAB chef to win the Food Network’s show ‘Chopped‘.  Contestants must take ordinary ingredients and turn them into something spectacular. They must have a skill set that includes speed, skill and creativity, and be judged by a panel of four.

She has worked as a personal chef for Diddy, and in some of the country’s finest restaurants.

Here is a link her her ‘About Me’ page:

And a link to a Huffington Post piece about her, including a recipe for her sweet potato and pecan tart-let!

FAB Entreprenuer Dawn Fitch Covers Black Enterprise

7 Mar

FAB Woman Dawn Fitch, founder and president of Pooka Pure and Simple, is featured on the cover of this month’s Black Enterprise magazine. She founded the company when she became ill, with no diagnoses to explain why she wasn’t feeling well. A lifestyle change in diet, exercise and aromatherapy caused her to learn more about how ingredients in products are often diluted by the synthetic and chemical type, and she saw a need for natural products. And Pooka Pure and Simple was born!

“Pooka” is a term of endearment her mom used, and ‘The Pookalitas’ are the three friends that help her run the business. Products include body butters, shower gels and hair care. Scents like Vanilla Sand, Citrus Basil and Honey Almond are featured in a variety of items. For product and ordering information, visit The Pooka Pure and Simple Website.

March is Women’s History Month

6 Mar

March is Women’s History Month, and what better way to celebrate than by continuing to feature FAB women and girls who are making their mark in the world?

Last month we featured women with their own businesses, women in film, a young girl who is working against bullying, the first FAB woman to serve on Boston’s City Council, and many more.

Stay tuned for more FABulosity!

FAB Woman Making History: First Lady Michelle Obama

29 Feb

It made perfect sense to wrap up a month of FAB Women making history with a woman who made one of the most important pieces of recent history when she became the First FAB FLOTUS.

Make the jump to read the top ten reasons why we find Mrs. O so utterly FAB!

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FAB Actress Viola Davis Talks Self Esteem with Aunt Oprah

28 Feb

It’s hard to look at this stunning woman and imagine her having low self esteem, but like many of us, she experienced self-doubt. Listen to her tear-jerking interview with Aunt Oprah and she talks self esteem and the small joys of life.

FAB Woman Making History: Oprah Winfrey

28 Feb

Normally, these posts are started with, “Meet (insert FAB One here)”. But who hasn’t met Oprah Winfrey yet?

A living embodiment of the American Dream, Aunt Oprah has demolished race and gender barriers her whole life. From rising above her troubled childhood, thriving despite being a teen parent (her son died soon after being born)  overcoming drug use, advancing in television despite being FAB in an area and location where being FAB wasn’t considered fabulous, being one of the most generous philanthropists the world has ever seen. 

She was the world’s first FAB billionaire, and the first FAB woman to own a television network.

There are many lessons to be learned from her life, and she always has a positive pearl of wisdom to share on her shows and in interviews. She encourages us all to ‘live our best life’, and she lives that motto every day.

Do you love Oprah as much as we do? Tell us about it in the comments!

FAB Woman Making History: Chanel Iman

27 Feb

Meet Chanel Iman.

Even if you didn’t know her name, you have probably seen her face on TV modeling in The Victoria’s Secret fashion show, or on a magazine at the grocery store, or on the runway modeling for the world’s top designers.

She is currently the most successful African American model, and made history in 2007 as the youngest person to appear on the cover of Vogue. She is also the first black model to walk in a Gucci fashion show for eight years.

The fashion industry is notorious for it’s lack of diversity in high fashion photos and runway shows, and not just with ethnicity. There is still a lot of work to be done in embracing different body types, which she is an advocate for.

She also does her share of charity work, and helps mentor teen girls who are moving from foster care into society.

Now that’s a FAB look!

FAB Woman Making History:Cmdr. Monika Washington Stoker

24 Feb

(Photo courtesy of The U.S. Navy)

Meet Commander Monika Washington Stoker.

Like Major General Marcia Anderson, she is making military history. She was recently named Commanding Officer of The USS Mitscher, a Norfolk-based, guided missile destroyer.

Similar to Major Anderson, she did not have initial intentions of a military career. Her dad suggested she give the military a chance, and she never looked backed. Years later her hard work paid off, and last Friday she made history as the first FAB Woman to serve as a commanding officer of an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis guided missile destroyer.

And on top of that, she’s a mom!

Commander Stoker with her FAB Girls!

A quote from her, posted on

“It says that you do whatever you want to do, whether it’s in the military or not and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t.”

If our FAB Girls don’t take anything else away from this site, that is it!

FAB Woman Making History: Rosalind Brewer

23 Feb

Meet Rosalind Brewer.

In January, she was named CEO of Sam’s Club. This promotion made her the first woman and first African American to lead a division of business in WalMart.  She had previously worked for Walmart, working as president of East Coast operations.

It’s amazing that in these days and times, women of color only hold 3% of board seats in Fortune 500 companies. Hopefully with FAB women like Ms. Brewer breaking the proverbial glass ceilings, FAB girls of the future will have more opporutnities in business.

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