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Prom Inspiration Poll: What Was Your Favorite Look?

23 Apr

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Which one of these FAB Stars had your favorite look in our Prom Inspiration series? Take our poll and let us know in the comments which looks get a FAB, Girl! and which ones get a Girl, Bye!

Last Week’s Top Posts

23 Apr

The OMG Girlz continue to dominate the favorite posts! Here’s a list of our most read posts from the last week:

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Prom Inspiration: Amber Riley

16 Apr

Please get into her. This is how you do a red carpet, FAB Ones.

Amber Riley is a FAB Girl favorite. She’s gotten seriously glamorous lately, and her hair and makeup are always on point. She’s awesome as Mercedes on Glee, but her best role is herself on the red carpet!

This photo is from The NAACP Image awards, where she showed up slimmed down and glammed up. Her hair, makeup and dress all get a stamp of approval for prom. Take the jump for gowns inspired by this young diva.

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Not So FAB: “Am I Ugly” Videos

24 Feb

Tweens and teens are often well versed in the new trends; some of them fun, some of them silly, and some are just downright dangerous. But now, we can add emotionally damaging to the list.

A motivating force behind The FAB Girls is to show young FAB Ones how awesome they are. That’s why were are so proud of Laniyah Bailey’s anti-bullying work, and we posted about the new Love is Louder campaign. We want FAB Girls(and all girls) they are beautiful, intelligent, unstoppable, part of a group of amazing women, never alone, valuable, precious, ….I could go on.

So this new trend, posting Am I Ugly videos on You Tube, is particularly bothersome.

It’s mostly girls who are posting these videos of themselves and asking strangers to comment on their looks. The comments on videos already posted on the site have been a mix of encouragement, compliments, racist rants and those that are predatory.

It’s no secret that part of growing up is wanting to be validated. Low self esteem during adolescence is a reality. Looking for approval on the internet, where people can hide behind screen names,  makes some of our most vulnerable easy targets. With cyber bullying having sometimes fatal consequnces, this is just another venue for mean people to take their anger out on those who need it least.

What do you think about this trend? Should parents be doing more, or is it unavoidable that kids would be seeking approval so publicly?

FAB Face of the Week+Get the FAB Look: Amber Riley

23 Feb

As I searched for images to include in our previous post about Amber Riley, we came across this image.

Where to begin?

Should we start with her perfect skin, her hair that has been cut and styled within an inch of its life, beautiful smile, or flawless makeup?

Speaking of makeup, we are SO HERE for her lipstick! Get into it!

We found some other pretty pinks, which are after the jump!

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FAB Girl Amber Riley’s New Look

23 Feb

(We know Amber Riley is not a girl. But she plays one on TV.)

Watching her on Glee is a treat. She plays Mercedes,who in our opinion, has the best voice in ‘New Directions’. (That’s the Glee club’s name, if you’re not up on your Gleek lingo.)

She has dropped 2 dress sizes and looks FAB! A bout with chronic stomach pains last summer led her to make a healthy lifestyle change. See her FAB new figure under the jump!

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