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Ultimate Blog Party 2012:Welcome to The Fab Girls!

13 Apr

I decided to join 5MinutesForMom.com’s Blog Party because I want to meet other bloggers and share The Fab Girls with them! I learned about it from my Facebook friend Denene Miller, who is an author and blogger herself. (She helped write ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man with Steve Harvey, and you can read her Blog Party post here.)

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Beyonce and Jay Z Have A Tumblr

4 Apr

From this………..

To this.

In celebration of their four year anniversary, Jay-Z and Beyonce  have created a Tumblr account. It’s right here.

What do you think of it?

Speak on it in the comments!

FAB,Girl! or Girl, Bye?: Beyonce’s Hippie Chic Look

29 Mar

(Image courtesy of thefashionbomb.com)

FAB Musician Beyonce was spotted on the streets of New York in this high end, hippie chic ensemble. Before the stans come out and bite my head off, I want you to know I love Beyonce! However, I think Solange does a better job with the whole high bohemian luxury style. But of course, this is not about me. What do you think?

No Poll Necessary: Gwenyth Paltrow, Girl, Bye!

7 Mar

She might have Jay-Z over for green smoothies and a few rounds of Uno. She might be Beyonce’s BFF, but The Queen of All Things Bootylicious needs to give this woman a talking to about words she shouldn’t use. Read her side-eye worthy comment after the jump:

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FAB Beauty: Beyonce’s Blue Nails

22 Feb

FAB mom Beyonce has begun painting her nails blue in honor of her new baby girl Blue Ivy. While most of us probably can’t afford her giant sapphire ring, we can all paint our nails in one of the season’s hottest colors. Check out our picks under the jump!

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