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Five Heart Healthy Foods for FAB Girls

3 Feb

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As you know, February is Heart Health Month. One way to care for your heart is to eat a diet that is good for you. There are some delicious foods FAB Girls can eat to promote their own health and wellness.

Oatmeal- This yummy breakfast cereal is packed with Omega 3’s–a fatty acid that the body needs but can only obtain through food. They are said to lower the risk of heart disease. You can dress your oatmeal up with fresh fruit or a little cinnamon and brown sugar. Yum!

Blueberries-These little blue treats are rich with heart healthy antioxidants. You can eat them by themselves, put them on top of your oatmeal, bake them into muffins….the options are endless!

Salmon- Salmon is also a source of Omega 3’s, this fish can be grilled or served in a salad. We also like to make salmon patties, and a recipe can be found here.

Dark Chocolate- Good to know chocolate can be good for you! But the type of chocolate that is best is dark chocolate with a cocoa content of 70% or more. We don’t think we have to give any suggestions on how to eat your chocolate!

Soy milk- Soy milk is full of so many vitamins and antioxidants that are good for your heart; including b-complex, niacin, folate, calcium and potassium. If you don’t like the taste of soy milk alone, add some to your oatmeal or smoothies.

Which heart healthy food from this list is your favorite? Or do you have a different one? Tell us in the comments!

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