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Lala Anthony Shops at K-Mart

4 Apr

(Image from thefashionbombdaily.com)

While visiting one of my favorite sites, thefashionbombdaily.com, I stumbled upon one of my favorite reality stars, Lala. She was wearing a dress from K-Mart that costs $17.50, which confirms my theory that she is as down to earth as she seems. Now she did pair it with a pair of Christian Louboutin sandals that cost enough to buy one of these dresses for 56 people ($995), but it’s still refreshing to see a star in a piece that we can all afford.

You can purchase it at kmart.com, along with this:

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It’s Barbie Day!

9 Mar

It’s Barbie Day!

On this day in 1959, she made her debut at The International Toy Fair. While she has gotten criticized for her physique, no one can deny her appeal to girls. She conjures up images of beauty, glamour, and success. There’s no job she can’t do, and she holds her family down!

We found some awesome vintage black Barbies at Black Doll Collecting!

Check out more FAB Barbies under the jump!

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