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Ultimate Blog Party 2012:Welcome to The Fab Girls!

13 Apr

I decided to join 5MinutesForMom.com’s Blog Party because I want to meet other bloggers and share The Fab Girls with them! I learned about it from my Facebook friend Denene Miller, who is an author and blogger herself. (She helped write ‘Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man with Steve Harvey, and you can read her Blog Party post here.)

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FAB Opportunity: Queens Camp for Leadership and Excellence

11 Apr

We featured Beverly Bond during our month of FAB Women and Girls making history, and were honored and flattered when she thanked us on Twitter for including her. Black Girls Rock! is everything The Fab Girls wants to be; an entity that hopes to educate, inspire, and uplift young girls that are (F)emale (A)nd (B)lack!

The founder and CEO of Black Girls Rock is continuing to provide young girls ages 13-17 with the opporunity to participate in the Black Girls Rock! Queens Camp this summer.

Take the jump to find out more about this exciting camp for, how to apply, and scholarship information!

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Snow Day Reading from Simone Bryant

6 Mar

Since it’s snowing at FAB Girl headquarters, a Snow Day reading post seems in order!

Today’s pick is Fabulous by Simone Bryant. Fabulous takes places as the ficticious Pace Academy, a private school for children of the rich and famous. The book puts you in the mind of the hit show, ‘Gossip Girls’, with a FAB cast of characters.

The trio of characters that the novel centers on call themselves ‘The Pacesetters’, who run things at the school and want to keep it that way. Starr is the daughter of a record label owner and his wife who was a former RandB star. Starr isn’t feeling the family love because they hardly spend any time together.

Marisol is the daughter of famous baseball player, and it’s the ‘player’ part that seems to be tearing her family apart. The groupies who are after her wealthy father are causing all sorts of drama!

Dionne is new to the academy, and new to the trappings of wealth. Her father is a new recoring artist, and is spending money faster than he can make it. Will she be able to fit in with her new classmates?

Read this page turner to find out!

Not So FAB: “Am I Ugly” Videos

24 Feb

Tweens and teens are often well versed in the new trends; some of them fun, some of them silly, and some are just downright dangerous. But now, we can add emotionally damaging to the list.

A motivating force behind The FAB Girls is to show young FAB Ones how awesome they are. That’s why were are so proud of Laniyah Bailey’s anti-bullying work, and we posted about the new Love is Louder campaign. We want FAB Girls(and all girls) they are beautiful, intelligent, unstoppable, part of a group of amazing women, never alone, valuable, precious, ….I could go on.

So this new trend, posting Am I Ugly videos on You Tube, is particularly bothersome.

It’s mostly girls who are posting these videos of themselves and asking strangers to comment on their looks. The comments on videos already posted on the site have been a mix of encouragement, compliments, racist rants and those that are predatory.

It’s no secret that part of growing up is wanting to be validated. Low self esteem during adolescence is a reality. Looking for approval on the internet, where people can hide behind screen names,  makes some of our most vulnerable easy targets. With cyber bullying having sometimes fatal consequnces, this is just another venue for mean people to take their anger out on those who need it least.

What do you think about this trend? Should parents be doing more, or is it unavoidable that kids would be seeking approval so publicly?

FAB Anthem by FAB Girl Nia Imani

13 Feb

We have a new friend on Twitter named Nia Imani, who is truly a FAB Girl. She is a  Broadway actress and played Young Nala in ‘The Lion King’. The thirteen year old is also a singer,  songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. She has a new song  called ‘The Royal Story’  which was inspired by the book ‘African Princess’.  When we heard it and saw the video, we thought it was an excellent FAB Girl anthem! Enjoy!

FAB Woman Making History: Beverly Bond

7 Feb

Meet Beverly Bond.

(Side note: She and her organization, ‘Black Girls Rock‘ are everything The FAB Girls wants to be when it grows up. The Black Girls Rock, Inc. organization mentors FAB girls through the arts.The awards ceremony celebrates what makes us FAB, and always turns the spotlight on FAB women and girls who are changing the world for the better. (Leanna Archer was honored there.) If our website can be a fraction as FAB as ‘Black Girls Rock’ is, it will be major. Okay, our gushing session is over. Back to the post.)

A former model and celebrity DJ, she created a ‘Black Girls Rock’ t-shirt and wanted to add some names on the back. The list was longer than the shirt had room and idea to do more with the Black Girls Rock concept lead her to start a mentoring program. Later, the idea to do an awards show was born.

The show was history in the making. Never before had a television show specifically honored the acheivements of FAB Women and Girls. We met current and future leaders, artists, authors, actresses, musicians, doctors; women who are incredibly important but most people may not have known about before watching the show. FAB girls (and women) could watch and think about the infinite possibilities waiting for them.

The star studded Black Girls Rock awards ceremony airs on BET, and in the past has included Nia Long as a host, with musical performers such as Jill Scott, Keyshia Coles and Monica. Award recipients have included FAB Actresses Raven-Symone and Tatyana Ali. We can’t wait for the next one, and to cheer on our FAB sistren!

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