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FAB Opportunity: Queens Camp for Leadership and Excellence

11 Apr

We featured Beverly Bond during our month of FAB Women and Girls making history, and were honored and flattered when she thanked us on Twitter for including her. Black Girls Rock! is everything The Fab Girls wants to be; an entity that hopes to educate, inspire, and uplift young girls that are (F)emale (A)nd (B)lack!

The founder and CEO of Black Girls Rock is continuing to provide young girls ages 13-17 with the opporunity to participate in the Black Girls Rock! Queens Camp this summer.

Take the jump to find out more about this exciting camp for, how to apply, and scholarship information!

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The Girl Scouts Launches ToGetHerThere, To Develop Female Leaders

1 Feb

The Girl Scouts Wants to create FAB Leaders!

Opportunities for FAB Girls just keep cropping up! The other day, we posted about an amazing opportunity for FAB Artists at The Art Institute. Today, The Girl Scouts of America announced their plans to develop a new generation of female leaders with their ‘ToGetHerThere’ campaign.

The funds raised from this campaign will go towards programs to help girls realize their leadership potential. To learn more, visit the ToGetHerThere website.

The Girl Scouts is a great organization for FAB Girls to join, because of the numerous skills and values they teach girls from a young age. Are you a Girl Scout? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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