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Prom Inspiration: Selita Ebanks

12 Apr

It’s easy to inspire fashion in others when you’re a supermodel! Selita Ebanks literally shined on a New York red carpet this past week. While her dark lip might be a bit “grown” for FAB Girls attending prom, everything else is perfect! The hair, the dress, and even the red clutch adding a little pop of color. Take the jump to find red carpet worthy gowns inspired by Miss Ebanks!


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Lala Anthony Shops at K-Mart

4 Apr

(Image from thefashionbombdaily.com)

While visiting one of my favorite sites, thefashionbombdaily.com, I stumbled upon one of my favorite reality stars, Lala. She was wearing a dress from K-Mart that costs $17.50, which confirms my theory that she is as down to earth as she seems. Now she did pair it with a pair of Christian Louboutin sandals that cost enough to buy one of these dresses for 56 people ($995), but it’s still refreshing to see a star in a piece that we can all afford.

You can purchase it at kmart.com, along with this:

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FAB, Girl! or Girl, Bye!?: Jessica White

5 Mar

Jessica White is a model. She’s beautiful. In this photo, she is showing Angie Jolie how a natural but fierce pose is supposed to look.

Jessica is who Tyra Banks used to be before she decided to run off and do that show that teaches young women from middle America to smile with their eyes. (What else is that show supposed to do?)

Anyway, Miss White decided to cover her model assets in this castoff from Mrs. Roper dress. I love flowy things but this could fit the the old AND new members of Destiny’s Child under it. What do you think, FAB ones?

FAB Baby Blue Ivy Makes Her Debut

10 Feb

Photos of FAB Baby Blue Ivy Carter were released on the internet. Congrats to the Carters, she’s adorable!

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