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Prom Beauty Inspiration: Rihanna

12 Apr

Rihanna has been so dark and edgy lately, but these new photos show a fresh-faced beauty with natural makeup and an up-do that could work for prom (minus the shaved patch that seems to be growing back in.) We are big fans of natural makeup, and hers looks beautiful!

What do you think of her hair and makeup? Would you wear it for prom? Let us hear from you!

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    FAB, Girl! or Girl, Bye!?: Ciara’s Blond Hair

    21 Mar

    (Photo from TheYBF.com)

    Without the caption from TheYBF, I wouldn’t have even known this was Ciara! She, like Rihanna, has gone totally blond with long windswept tresses. I’ve always thought she was a pretty girl, and I think she looks gorgeous. But this is about what you think. So, vote or share your thoughts in the comments!

    True or False?

    19 Jan

    Rumors are swirling around the internet (thanks to a report from US Magazine) that Rihanna and Chris Brown are secretly seeing each other again. Some of you may remember that the couple broke up after the singers got into a physical altercation.

    Domestic abuse is a reality for many people, and even a high profile person like Rihanna is unfortunately not exempt from having been in an abusive relationship. The difference is that she has legions of FAB Girls watching her every move, and a reconciliation with Mr. Brown might send mixed messages to girls about what should be tolerated in a romantic relationship.

    Everyone deserves a second chance and people can change, and I hope this story has a happy ending.

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