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Not So FAB: Black Students Face Harsher Punishments in School

8 Mar

From The Associated Press:

Washington, DC (March 6, 2012) — More than 70 percent of students involved in school-related arrests or cases referred to law enforcement were Hispanic or African-American, according to a report to be released Tuesday by the Education Department that raises questions about whether students of all races are disciplined evenhandedly in America’s schools.

 Black students are more than three times as likely as their white peers to be suspended or expelled, according to an early snapshot of the report released to reporters. The findings come from a national collection of civil rights data from 2009-10 of more than 72,000 schools serving 85 percent of the nation.

The Education Department said it would release more details Tuesday.

“The sad fact is that minority students across America face much harsher discipline than non-minorities, even within the same school,” Education Secretary Arne Duncan told reporters.

Duncan said some school officials might not have been aware of inconsistencies in how they handle discipline, and he hoped the report would be an eye-opener.

According to the report, 42 percent of the referrals to law enforcement involve black students and 29 percent involved Hispanics, while 35 percent of students involved in school-related arrests were black and 37 percent were Hispanic.

Black students made up 18 percent of the students in the sample, but they were 35 percent of students suspended once and 39 percent of students expelled, the report said.

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The Jed Foundation and MTV Launch New Love is Louder Site and Expand the National Conversation on Bullying

23 Feb

The other day, we posted about Laniyah Bailey, who is doing what she can to combat bullying. It’s a cause we can all be a part of, whether it’s talking to the kids in our family about it, standing up for someone who is being bullied, or  simply by not being a bully yourself.

The Jed Foundation is a non-profit that aims to prevent suicide and emotional distress among college students. They have paired up with MTV to launch http://www.loveislouder.com, a site filled with resources to promote emotional well being.

Here’s the official press release:


Our kids are hurting, and there’s multiple ways for them to be bullied; in person, on line, via text…..

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FAB Opportunity: Nordstrom Scholarship Program

21 Feb
The exterior of a typical Nordstrom department...

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Nordstrom department store has a scholarship program for high school juniors who plan to attend college. They will award $10,000 scholarships to 80 outstanding students. For more information and eligibility requirements, visit here.

FAB Woman Making History: Dyci Manns

8 Feb

Photo from Model26.org.

Meet Dyci Manns.

This FAB young woman is helping underpriviledged kids around the world gain access to one thing most of us take for granted: an education.

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