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Prom Inspiration Poll: What Was Your Favorite Look?

23 Apr

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Which one of these FAB Stars had your favorite look in our Prom Inspiration series? Take our poll and let us know in the comments which looks get a FAB, Girl! and which ones get a Girl, Bye!

Attention: Atlanta FAB Girls Going to Prom

18 Apr

Have you been enjoying our Prom Inspiration series, featuring stars such as Keke Palmer, Amber Riley and Jennifer Hudson? Would you like a prom makeover that would make you look like one of these stars? If you live in Atlanta, you just might get that chance! Continue reading for the opportunity to get a FAB Makeover for Prom!

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FAB Opportunity: Universal Music Group Summer Internships

11 Apr

This opportunity was re-tweeted into The Fab Girls Twitter feed and definitely worth sharing! College students who are interested in the music industry can apply for internships within Universal Music Group for positions including but not limited to:

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FAB Opportunity: Queens Camp for Leadership and Excellence

11 Apr

We featured Beverly Bond during our month of FAB Women and Girls making history, and were honored and flattered when she thanked us on Twitter for including her. Black Girls Rock! is everything The Fab Girls wants to be; an entity that hopes to educate, inspire, and uplift young girls that are (F)emale (A)nd (B)lack!

The founder and CEO of Black Girls Rock is continuing to provide young girls ages 13-17 with the opporunity to participate in the Black Girls Rock! Queens Camp this summer.

Take the jump to find out more about this exciting camp for, how to apply, and scholarship information!

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FAB, Girl! or Girl, Bye!?: Willow Smith Part 2

6 Mar

Willow Smith has taken to Instagram again to show off another new do. FAB readers voted her blonde fade as a Girl, Bye.

What do you think of the green, just in time for St. Patrick’s Day?

Willow Smith:FAB, Girl! or Girl, Bye!?

27 Feb

Willow Smith dosen’t have much hair to whip back and forth these days, since she  recently shaved it all off. Now it seems she’s dyed her new growth. What do you think?

Not So FAB: “Am I Ugly” Videos

24 Feb

Tweens and teens are often well versed in the new trends; some of them fun, some of them silly, and some are just downright dangerous. But now, we can add emotionally damaging to the list.

A motivating force behind The FAB Girls is to show young FAB Ones how awesome they are. That’s why were are so proud of Laniyah Bailey’s anti-bullying work, and we posted about the new Love is Louder campaign. We want FAB Girls(and all girls) they are beautiful, intelligent, unstoppable, part of a group of amazing women, never alone, valuable, precious, ….I could go on.

So this new trend, posting Am I Ugly videos on You Tube, is particularly bothersome.

It’s mostly girls who are posting these videos of themselves and asking strangers to comment on their looks. The comments on videos already posted on the site have been a mix of encouragement, compliments, racist rants and those that are predatory.

It’s no secret that part of growing up is wanting to be validated. Low self esteem during adolescence is a reality. Looking for approval on the internet, where people can hide behind screen names,  makes some of our most vulnerable easy targets. With cyber bullying having sometimes fatal consequnces, this is just another venue for mean people to take their anger out on those who need it least.

What do you think about this trend? Should parents be doing more, or is it unavoidable that kids would be seeking approval so publicly?

The Jed Foundation and MTV Launch New Love is Louder Site and Expand the National Conversation on Bullying

23 Feb

The other day, we posted about Laniyah Bailey, who is doing what she can to combat bullying. It’s a cause we can all be a part of, whether it’s talking to the kids in our family about it, standing up for someone who is being bullied, or  simply by not being a bully yourself.

The Jed Foundation is a non-profit that aims to prevent suicide and emotional distress among college students. They have paired up with MTV to launch http://www.loveislouder.com, a site filled with resources to promote emotional well being.

Here’s the official press release:


Our kids are hurting, and there’s multiple ways for them to be bullied; in person, on line, via text…..

Share this post on Facebook and Twitter. It might help someone who needs it.

FAB Woman Making History:Corvida Raven

15 Feb

photo from techpeek.me

Meet Corvida Raven.

The mohawk wearing twenty four year old has dubbed herself ‘The Oprah of The Web’, and for good reason. Just like Oprah uses her show to educate the masses on different things to make their lives easier, Ms. Raven does the same thing with technology.

She’s making history because there’s not a ton of women, and even less women of color, making careers in technology. She blogs, consults with companies, is the cofounder of Everything Twitter and the Social Geeks podcast. Her website shegeeks.net is a includes social media tips, reviews of apps and tutorials.

FAB Girls historically have shied away from careers in science, math and technology, and  it’s refreshing to see Ms. Raven put such a cool, FAB face on an industry where we’re underrepresented.

FAB Anthem by FAB Girl Nia Imani

13 Feb

We have a new friend on Twitter named Nia Imani, who is truly a FAB Girl. She is a  Broadway actress and played Young Nala in ‘The Lion King’. The thirteen year old is also a singer,  songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. She has a new song  called ‘The Royal Story’  which was inspired by the book ‘African Princess’.  When we heard it and saw the video, we thought it was an excellent FAB Girl anthem! Enjoy!

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